Celebration of Gospel 2010

2010 Celebration of Gospel Sherry Shepard, Donnie McClurkin, Steve Harvey, Marvin Sapp,

As Donnie McClurking and Marvin Sapp sing to a tearful Steve Harvey.  One has to be reminded of their own short comings. How even though we try to stay standing, somehow eventually we will fall.  However We Can get Back Up Again.  The beauty of it all is even when we are at our worst, we were created in His image He can always see the best in Us.

I have read and heard all sorts of comments because of the Steve Harvey/Donnie McClurkin Interview, but perhaps in these past ten years he has not found perfection, but is on the path to being a better more Christ Like man.

Don’t forget the oldies because they apply to all of us, Please Be Patient With Me, GOD is not through with me Yet! Won’t we all be better someday!