2010 Celebration of Gospel Donald Lawrence



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  1. i am an anointed composer who desires that someone pass my info onto the proper person who will strongly help me and my wife to bring forth our ministry to help those in need through the songs i write and our fellowship. my wife is working hard to make ends meet and i am laid off from work and is drawing unemployment benefits which will run out in several months. God has given me and my wife a lot to offer and i'm only asking that someone help us to help others. i use a kurweil 2000 sampler and cubase 4, 5, and nuendo software but by new computer (windows 7)is not compatible to my interface to allow me to burn cd's and send music to anyone. all i do have is my kurzweil's sequensor data(audio) on a floppy and i wish i could send someone a copy of this to show how God has blessed me with a wonderful talent that people will be shocked at all praise to him. i can be reached at 937-397-7035/donald hill jr. I desire to give back to the world because i used it ago but today i desire to let God use me.

  2. I missed the original airing of the Celebration so when I first heard that Donnie McClurkin had done "We Fall Down" I thought, what? Why such an old song. Then when I watched and got the context in which the song was chosen it fit perfectly, not to mention the song is ten years old as well.

    Then to have Marvin Sapp come and sing, "The Best In Me' wow talk about a Gospel Home Run. Regardless of if it was for Steve Harvey of Steve Jones around the corner, between the lyrics of those two songs they could have spoken volumes to anyone. as most of us have been in both those places before.

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