2010 Celebration of Gospel Best of the Best: Who gave the Best Performance? You Tell Us?

Alrighty now! there is no reason that everyone can not leave us a quick comment on this question.


We had Tye Tribbett go all Grease on us!

Fantasia SANG with her Mother and it felt so good she had to kick off her shoes!

Yolanda Adams, Classy and dynamic as ever!



How can we forget that Bobby Jones put down his rhinestones for Bubble Wrap!!!

Come on, someone had to be the Best of the Best.  Who was it for you?

For me, I have to stick with those Commissioned Men, Marvin Sapp and Fred Hammond, they have something you just pick up when you grow up singing around “The D”

Leave your favorite in a comment.  If you missed it or need to see two performances to compare.  follow the links in the post below.

In addition, don’t forget to sign up for the site, there are a few ways to do it, pick your favorite and register!

Have a Blessed Monday, hopefully this will help you stay in the Spirit and be Happy and Productive!

Oh and if you have a Best Dressed, add that in there too.  my vote Bubble Wrap!!!


4 responses to “2010 Celebration of Gospel Best of the Best: Who gave the Best Performance? You Tell Us?”

  1. Tashena Avatar

    Tye tribbett was my fav. but he has changed

  2. Those were both good. Esp to see Steve Harvey's wife supporting him. Lovely.

  3. the best part of the show to me. was when they told steve harvey what a good job he was doing hosting the show. and he started crying , i had to wipe tears myself.

  4. My Favorite had to be the Rance Allen Group. How can you top "Ta hee hee hurn" Something about the name Jesus, just makes me happy!"

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