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2012 Stellar Awards Tribute to John P. Kee

Well done! I remember when people were saying the same thing about John P. Kee that they did about Kirk Franklin and now some of the newer artist like Mali Music, Dietrick Haddon etc. That doesn’t belong in the church. Well as times change is it wrong that the music should as well. I am sure we don’t sing Psalms the way they originally did. Why is change resisted so much in our church?

Hope you enjoy, Be Blessed!

4th of July Gospel Extravaganza – Kirk Franklin, John P. Kee, Rance Allen …


John P. Kee – The Legacy Project, Get it here! New Release MP3

For many of us who grew up in the church, there are some names that always equal dynamic music and worship. For me one of those names is John P. Kee. Some of you know him from Fred Hammond “They That Wait”, If you are from the Durnham, NC area you might have either seen him at Union Baptist visiting Rev. Kenneth Hammond or Bishop George Bloomer’s church. However some of us will never forget songs like “Lily of the Valley” just to name one.
Well his highly anticipated newest album is now available and you can hear samples and purchase right below. I am getting this one!
Be Blessed
By the way, what is your favorite John P. Kee song?