Fantasia Barrino- Good Morning America Interview and Performance


What happens when your burdens get too heavy for you? Where do you turn and what do you do? People will tell you to pray and wait, but what happens when you are praying and waiting and all it seems like you get is a sore behind from sitting around waiting? Do you turn to destructive habits, at the end of the day hurting yourself and those who love you? What happens when you look for family and friends to help you only to find out that they too are in their own valleys so much so that they can’t reach their hands out to you because theirs are lifted up in prayer or frustration for themselves? Donnie McClurkin will tell you to “Stand”. That “We Fall Down, BUT We Get Up” but what happens when you get up muddy and scarred? What tools have you used to battle depression and overcome it? What do you use to cope when you don’t have an umbrella for a rainy day? When you don’t know how to go on or give up? When people walk by you, past you and through you and not recognize that you are there and hurting?

If you have been in this place, how did you get out? Fantasia is a “Star” and so her issues are a matter of public opinion and ridicule. However even though her story might seem familiar her status can also alienate her fro us, we might feel like she can’t really relate to what we are feeling because she has a life-coach and money. So what did you, oh anonymous reader, do? What you say here could save a life or just make a day brighter. The floor is yours.


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