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Miss Tytus 2: Is Suicide Unforgivable?

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Abused Teenager Breaks Silence About Depression

Childhood bullying and other abuse caused Cameron to withdraw from everyone. Isolation took a hefty toll until she accepted an

Bishop Noel Jones City Of Refuge Rev. Jesse Jackson Sermons

Reverend Jesse Jackson speaks to the City of Refuge 9-22-13 (Video)

The Reverend Jesse Jackson visits the City of Refuge.


Lexi Interviews Tweet and Her Daughter, Tashawna Johnson (Video)

Lexi interviews Tweet and her daughter, Tashawna Johnson. Tweet shares her testimony. She talks about growing up in the church, breaking into the music business, being a teenage mother, drinking, suicide, and redemption. While, Tashawna shares her perspective and personal trials.

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It's Like Noah's Ark Wrecking in Zanesville, OH (Video)

Terry Thompson of Zanesville, OH set dozens of animals, including Bengal tigers, lions, wolves, monkeys and bears loose from an animal preserve before killing himself. Police hunted the animals through the night and by the next afternoon, 49 of the 50 animals were confirmed dead. Three leopards, a grizzly bear and two Macaques were taken to […]