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The First Day of Spring! New Beginnings, New Birth

Isaiah 43 Today is the first day of spring! I love spring and all the visual proof that we have that things can change. That they will change. That out of what was frozen and dead new life, new colors, new beginnings will emerge. If you live in the south or a warmer climate like […]

Royal Missionary Baptist Church Scripture Thoughts

Open Letter to Pastor Holt and Royal Missionary Church from a Disheartened Member (Please read)

Pastor Holt: I hope you receive this letter in the Spirit that it was sent. While I am aware that you might or might not be aware of this situation I was brought up that the Pastor of the church is the under-shepherd and the needs and doing of his flock are at the end […]

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Thought For The Day: What You Water Will Grow – Matthew 13

For the last two or three years I have tried my hand at gardening. While I admittedly am not very good at it. I like the idea of planting a seedling into the ground with the children and watching it change over time. Now another point of truth, I get far more excited about this […]

RiverAngel42 Thoughts

No Talking During the Test!

So many times many of us have suffered in silent. Praying and waiting faithfully and sometimes in anguish and pain yet we are silent. We adopt the slogan “God turned my test into a testimony” (slogan because it is not in the Bible) yet we carry on the lesson of No talking During the Test […]