Tuesday, September 26

The First Day of Spring! New Beginnings, New Birth

Isaiah 43

Today is the first day of spring! I love spring and all the visual proof that we have that things can change. That they will change. That out of what was frozen and dead new life, new colors, new beginnings will emerge. If you live in the south or a warmer climate like I do the daffodils are already blooming and the smell of spring has already hit the air. It is absolutely motivating. I’m even going to start ANOTHER workout regimen (soon, come on now baby steps) hopefully I stick to it this time.

This time of year is my favorite, even before summer. Metaphorically speaking I love that there is a season of tenderness before the sun gets so hot that the flowers yearn and thirst for water before they are scorched by the beautiful hot radiant sun . A season where they are allowed to simply grow in ideal conditions. I believe that if God grants the outdoors a tender season then there is one for us as believers of Christ as well. Where its neither too hot or too cold.
Do you need that season as much as I do? I feel that my summer and winter skipped fall and went straight into a brutally cold period. Where things have withered and on the surface appear dead. HOWEVER I know that the roots are still alive. That the right conditions, aligning with God’s will, shall bring forth the flowers of His love for me. That I will reach out from the dirt to show life and colors of His love. I know the same is true for you as well. Be ready for your Spring! Bring on the allergies, the bees, the rain all of it. Let it begin a rebirth of our commitment to our Father. As the song says, Let the SON shine in! (That was a pretty clever play on words :))

Listen to the still small voice when it tells you its time. Time to wake up and show your colors. Time to “begin a new thing.” Time to move on what the Still Small Voice (1 Kings 19:12 NIV) is telling you to begin. Time to find your purpose despite what the brutal cold has said or done. Time to repent of your past mistakes and wrong doings and let them go. Feel the warmth on the horizon wake up its the first day of Spring, come back to life. ​Do the things that whisper to you when all is noisy. Get baptized, write a book, help someone you know needs it. Begin anew.
Thoughts, anyone? It’s not time for crickets yet so don’t let there be any in here either. Talk to me!

Be Blessed,

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