No Talking During the Test!

So many times many of us have suffered in silent. Praying and waiting faithfully and sometimes in anguish and pain yet we are silent.

We adopt the slogan “God turned my test into a testimony” (slogan because it is not in the Bible) yet we carry on the lesson of No talking During the Test while we are going through it. How Biblical in principle is this. The Bible instructs us to be a comfort, counsel and help to one another. Yet how can I do this if you sit next to me consistently in silence? You are doing a disservice not only to yourself by shutting out a potential blessing, but you may infact be doing unjust harm to me in my charge to serve you.

Not to mention we all praise once we have come out of the other side however sometimes the hardship is the story I can relate to, the pain I might understand. Frustration, struggle all of it might be where I am and what I need might be the answers that you are putting on your test. As Christians sometimes I think what we need to have is an open book open forum type test more so that the silent. download

So as to save myself from being a hypocrite, over the next few days I am going to try and be as transparent (this is gonna be tough, let me change that REAL TOOUGH) as I can. Starting with admitting this will be a challenge for me. I like to help others I am passionate about it, it makes me happy and gives me a feeling of worth. However I am awful at telling you what is going in my life. When I need help, when I’m frustrated and more importantly if it doesn’t involve crimes against women or children when I am angry.

However right now I am going through some things that I am sure some of you will be on the other side of, some of you will be going through and some of you might be at the beginning of. I ask as you read that you pray for me and share your thoughts.

Be Blessed,


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