Pastor Emery Moss – Bible Talk 1-5-11 (Relationship Wednesday)



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  1. learn truth from lies charles capps did not say what you said in or on the air thursday at 6pm.hebrews 6 saints can die in sin and go to hell.1john 5;16 means 1cor 12;3 you need to repent you have a real problem with hear good hebrews 1;5 this day mean john3;3-5 after jesus death he never called only begotten you show we other wise there is blkood on your hands.acts 5 they was saved people you do not get tithes from sinners evil need to join into word of faith and be a better person.col 1;13 says you are but you need to know it when will you do 1cor 1;30 says about you.2cor 12 was his test trails no sickness their grace means james 4;7 to do it.
    job was not saved or bornagain he did not have the jesus of son of GOD IN HIM YET.MARK 11;22 -26 GO’S ROMANS 10;9-13,17. AMEN MARK 11;2-26 YOU SAYGO NOW.WORDS ARE LIKE SEEDS.

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