Dr. Jamal Bryant – Victorious Secrets (Video)

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  1. Pamela S. Leonard

    Love you Pastor.


    Dear Pastor Jamal,
    It is really an honor to write you.I just recently sent an email asking for an invitation letter to visit you for two days.I will be very grateful if you grant me this request.I sent the email at customersupport@jamalbryant.org.shalom,peace and life to you

  3. Easter

    Awesome Paster!….Father God continue to disciple me!

  4. Debora White

    Dear Dr. Jamal Bryant
    I am a resident of Charlotte, North Carolina and I am very grateful for the internet connection that your minister provide nationwide . Dr Bryant I listen to your sermons on the internet and have been Blessed tremendously. I have experienced some really tough challenges in my life. My dream is to become my own Entrepreneur. I have accomplish of getting my business plan completed and look forward to the next steps to accomplish my career goals.
    I really appreciate your support and word of encouragement. You are truly anointed by God and have inspire people all over the world.Thank you for your inspirational guidance to recieve a life for joy,love,peace and prosperity.

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