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Natalie Grant Replies Via Facebook Regarding Grammy Comments

For those of you who are a little late to the party, Natalie Grant left the Grammys early due to conflicts with the content and their beliefs.  She then took to facabook to explain that she had thoughts but was going to keep them to herself but felt it was best they leave. First Comment: […]

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Fantasia Barrino- Good Morning America Interview and Performance

[ad] What happens when your burdens get too heavy for you? Where do you turn and what do you do? People will tell you to pray and wait, but what happens when you are praying and waiting and all it seems like you get is a sore behind from sitting around waiting? Do you turn […]

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Thought – Random Acts Of Kindness, What A Joke!

Often times we will hear, “In a random act of kindness…” as if being kind to one another is something that should only happen every once in a while. Well today I want to express to each of you that we as Christians are charged, told in the word specifically to be kind. Period.  We […]

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Thought – Thank You Thursday

Hello Fellowship Family: Thank You Lord For This Day! If nothing else, each morning when we rise we should say this statement. Of course there is so much more for which we should be saying, “Thank You”. However, how many of us spend our days in a place of gratitude for what God has done, […]

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ISRAEL & NEW BREED NO LIMITS (Live in South Africa, Lyrics)

No Limits Lyrics No limits No boundaries I see increase all around me Stretch forth Break forth Release me Enlarge my territory [repeat] Take the limits off Take the limits off Release me Release me [repeat] Thought: We allow so much to limit us, things that limit us and do not help us to move […]