Vickie Winans – Release It, Let It Go and Testimony

“I have been through a whole lot of pain but I had to let some stuff go.  I don’t care if you had a baby out of wedlock, whatever. Ask God to forgive you. It’s like the song said, If you feel down and your all depressed and your heart is hurting and your mind is stressed over past failures, broken promises don’t you worry just let it go and if you fall get back up and if man wont forgive you, God will!  No shame, no more blame, hold your head up high.  I’m gonna let my ways please the Lord and the chips fall where they may, I got to release it and let it go! ”  Testimony by Vickie Winans

Release the hurt, release the shame, release the pain

who cares whose to blame, release it all in His name.

So much pain inside

hard to put behind

the things you been through

the things no one knew

you’ve tried and you’ve tried

to make up your mind

to be weak or be strong

to let go or hold on

but  today is the day

to drop every weight

thats been holding you down

those things that keep you bound

Release it, Let it Go!

It doesn’t matter what people think of you, it only matters what God Knows!

Lift your hands receive it, release it, let it go.

Thoughts- Great Advice!!!

So many times we set our own traps in life by not being able to let go of situations, people, hurts and pains that do us no good.  Instead of focusing on the past we should learn to let those old wounds heal and move forward in the promise that God will never leave us or forsake us.  So while it hurts, the pain, disappointment, shame, blame is only temporary but his rewards are everlasting.  Don’t let your past dictate your future, let it go!!! The weight of a lifetime can be too much for you to carry if you want to move forward. Give it to God he will carry it for you so that you can move freely into what he has in store for your life!  As the song said, who cares whose to blame! Let it go!

Be Blessed and I hope this song ministers to you. River Angel 42

Have you done this? Can you share a word of encouragement about how this helped you?


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  1. Kimberly Avatar

    Turning 40 soon (smile) and I realize in order to enjoy the next chapter of this life there were many things I had to let go…I will hear this song for the first time today. Single parent of two son’s in college still wandering how I made it through. Never being married wandering w/great expectation what the next chapter will bring, I have forgiven all and most of all forgiven myself. Walking out of the wilderness into promise land free w/victory. From one sister to another you are a beautiful rose in God’s garden.

    1. May God continue to bless you. While there might have been things you needed to let go. There must have been some blessings worth holding on to, just being able to say you have two SONS in College is a testimony in and of itself.

      Be blessed and remember to pursue peace in every chapter! Psalm 34:14

      Hope you will continue to visit and comment!

  2. RiverAngel42 Avatar

    This is why I love getting comments, we approve the comment and revisit some powerful messages.

  3. Christina Avatar

    vickie, thank you so much for letting god use you in writting this song my it meant so much to me

  4. Christina Avatar

    Omg this song had me in tears because it was just some much stuff that i am goin to through i never even thought about releasing it until i heard your song and was talkin to my minister omg thank you

  5. this song madde me cry

  6. Ella C. Shelton Avatar
    Ella C. Shelton

    I LOVE YOU VICKING … this is one of your best song and I love your music … If this song does not minister to anyone’s spirit, then they are just not listening. You sang this at my Pastors Prayer breakfast and i fell in love with this song. I can truly say it has ministered to my spirit.

  7. Shemeco Avatar

    I love You Vickie ,I love this song, I pray that others receive it and move forth in the name of JESUS. When i first heard this song at GGG i made up in my mind right then that that day was my day. Be blessed and keep encourageing us. Love You!

  8. Teresa Daniels Avatar
    Teresa Daniels

    I have been trying to find the lyrics for this song!!! Anybody know where I can find it? Thanks for any help!!

  9. tieshearenee Avatar

    love it…

  10. I absolutely love this song! It has ministered to me many a days on the way to work in the midnight hour tossing and turning and wishing I could make it over this season of my life and somehow this woman’s voice and lyrics just speak right to my situation and it soothes my soul’s ache from the trauma and drama of my past. Thank you Yashua! for the real testimony, because I have truly found hope through her testimony in this song! halleluyah!!!

  11. Karen Green Avatar
    Karen Green

    this song is so touching too

  12. Lula Harvey Avatar
    Lula Harvey

    Thank you for sharing this testimony with me. I have gotten one of my grandchildren to hear it and she was blesssed as well.

  13. Vickie, I’m so thankful for your testimony. Thank you for the word of your testimony in just telling it as only an over-comer could, and thereby helping others over-come as well.

    This song has truly blessed me. There is healing and freeing liberty in this song. Thank you for being transparent in your testimony letting others know that it’s okay to let it go and that no one has to carry the heavy burden that life experience can produce – We need more people who will just tell it…to just tell the truth and be free and allow it to touch the multitude that we all may be free.

  14. Lula Harvey Avatar
    Lula Harvey

    I am so blessed by this testimony _ I just want to share it with my children, grandchildren, my church family. It blesses me each time I hear it. Thank God for her inspirational message.

  15. L. Morton Avatar
    L. Morton

    What a wonderful song and testimony. I just heard the song for the first time on T.D. Jakes website Woman Thou Art Loose. I cried when I heard it. The song really blessed me. I listen to it everyday when I get low I play it over and over until I feel a break through. Remember, God use you in this song to minister to someone else. You have made a difference in my life just with this song. May God continue to bless you and take you higher.

  16. Linda R. Lee Avatar
    Linda R. Lee

    Was so touched by the song release it and let it go. That’s a sermon all by itself. I thank God for you Sis. Vickie and your testimony. May God continue to bless you!

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