2010 Booklist – Dr. Jamal Bryant – World War Me (excerpt)

Dr. Jamal Bryant has a recently released book entitled “World War Me”. With this book he states that he wants you to “win the war” that he lost.
Happy Reading and don’t forget to share with us what you think of the book. Or even the excerpt!


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  1. Sheila Barnes Avatar
    Sheila Barnes

    Wow! The excert is so fulfilling. Personally this is very inspiring to me because I was one too that lost a war, but I’m grateful that God has spared my life once more and given me another chance so that His glory may be revealed through my life. We need transparency in the body of Christ so when a believer does fall or find themselves in a tough spot they will realize they are only human and that EVERYONE has fallen short of God’s glory( even pastors). I commend this man of God and are always in my prayers.

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