Monday, September 25

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Thought for the Day: A Note From A Former Penn State Football Player and Christian

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For the last couple of day i have been asked by family, friends, media, co-workers, and PSU Fans about my thoughts of the PSU Scandal. After this statement, hopefully you will understand my feelings. For the record, I am deeply sickened by a couple of things. First, that the children and families of the victims have to live the rest of their lives with scars of sexual abuse by the hands of another. Absolutely no human being should have to go through this brutal act. My prayer is that God will restore all that has been taken and destoried, I know he can. Second, I am troubled to know that an adult could stand by and witness a child being destoried and not come to his recuse. For any man to stand an do nothing, he is a coward. For any man to value his job over the life of a helpless child, f...
Question of the Day: Again I Ask, Why Shouldn't My Children Sit With Me In Church?

Question of the Day: Again I Ask, Why Shouldn't My Children Sit With Me In Church?

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Ok so recent on goings in the media have me re-visiting a topic that I broached earlier in the year. That was the idea of Churches urging parents, and some demanding, that children be separated from their families during church services. Well with the death of 3 yr. old Serenity and the sexual abuse several young children suffered at the hands of a person (allegedly Jerry Sandusky) with whom they should have been safe . I want to bring the subject up again. The sad truth of the matter is that there are very few places and very few people that you can actually leave your children around. Sad to say it but the Church is full of broken people seeking restoration. I say this as a word of caution. While your children might not sit still and you might have to tiptoe out of service for a lit...