Thought for the Day: A Note From A Former Penn State Football Player and Christian

For the last couple of day i have been asked by family, friends, media, co-workers, and PSU Fans about my thoughts of the PSU Scandal. After this statement, hopefully you will understand my feelings. For the record, I am deeply sickened by a couple of things. First, that the children and families of the victims have to live the rest of their lives with scars of sexual abuse by the hands of another. Absolutely no human being should have to go through this brutal act. My prayer is that God will restore all that has been taken and destoried, I know he can. Second, I am troubled to know that an adult could stand by and witness a child being destoried and not come to his recuse. For any man to stand an do nothing, he is a coward. For any man to value his job over the life of a helpless child, for he is greatly confused by what true virtue and value is all about. Third, for any man who declares his ways higher than those of the most high God, for he is surely doomed because pride comes before the fall. For those who pledges alligence to a man made of skin-bone-and blood, are surely those who worship gravin idols and will walk through life with blinders on, i feel sorry them. Finally, I have had the pleasure and blessing to know Jerry and Joe since I was in high school. Both helped me grow into a strong educated man, and for that I will never forget them. To be able to gratuate and become a fixture in the lives of so many people, I owe the Paterno (Sue) family for the many days and night of staying on my butt to study. I do not regret being apart of one greatest football program in the world and never will I regret being a part of a brotherhood of some of the greatest athletes in the world. With this being said and done, I pray that Jerry gets the help he needs and that he understands the implications of what he has done. I pray that Joe and the PSU football staff, athletic department, and adminstration all come to an understanding of how there actions have destoried the lives of innocent people. God bless you all….. I forgive you!


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