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April is Autism Awareness Month

Jesus Loves the Little Children, All the Little children of the World Red and Yellow Black and White They are precious in His sight Jesus loves the Little Children of the world! Everyone is beautiful in thier own way! What are you doing in your church community to help parents and/or children with whom Autism […]

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Christian Movies: Father of Lies Starring Clifton Powell as Bishop Calvin Jacobs, Vivica A. Fox and DMX (DVD and Trailer)

I am currently watching this film as I post. It stars Clyde Jones, Clifton Davis, Vivica A Fox and DMX Father of Lies is a classic story of good vs. evil. Bishop Calvin Jacobs,Clifton Powell, is a well meaning pastor whose drive and passion raised the profile of his church through serving his the needs […]

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Christian Movies: The Walk Starring Eva Pigford and Regina Belle (DVD and Trailer)

In our area they have a new TV Station that caters to the African American audience called Bounce. They have played some of the standard classics like “Do The Right Thing” and old Richard Pryor films. However they have also played a few Christian movies that I had not heard of and thought I would […]

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Phoenix Goddess Temple a "Church" Raided for Prostituion (Video)

Boy oh boy, when will the madness end? 18 people have been arrested so far, police are still looking for 20 more people affiliated with the Phoenix Goddess Temple. A 10,000-square-foot alleged brothel that had been operating under the pretense of providing “religious” services for hundreds of dollars in cash “donations”. Four men were also […]

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Question of the Day – Teen Sex and Protection What's The Godly Approach?

So the other day I was at an appointment and there was a teen girl and her mother. They were sitting close enough to me that I could hear their conversation (yes some would call it being nosey) HOWEVER the girl was there to get Birth Control. This got me to thinking about how we […]