Christian Movies: The Walk Starring Eva Pigford and Regina Belle (DVD and Trailer)

In our area they have a new TV Station that caters to the African American audience called Bounce. They have played some of the standard classics like “Do The Right Thing” and old Richard Pryor films. However they have also played a few Christian movies that I had not heard of and thought I would share with you. The first that I saw starred Eva Pigford as a young woman in her 20’s that lost her way after experiencing some great personal tragedies. She winds up in trouble and meets a youth pastor played by “Trek” from MTV’s Real World. Songstress Regina Belle plays her mother. Directed by President Thomas Forbes. Thought I would post it here in case any of you wanted to get it and watch. If you have teens who you are concerned about, I think the message is good and the film would hold their attention.
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