Thursday, September 21


Appleseeds by Betty Huizenga (Free Book)

Appleseeds by Betty Huizenga (Free Book)

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You are important to God - so important that He wants you to be all you can be for Him! Girls -- Have you ever wished you had an older woman--someone besides mom--to talk to about important things? Do you sometimes find it hard to understand what God is saying in His Word, the Bible? Would you like to feel more comfortable in social settings like fancy dinner parties? Do you like to have fun? Appleseeds is for YOU! Moms -- Do you sometimes wonder what your pre-teen is thinking? Do you wish for an older woman's advice? Would you like help in developing your daughter's self image and social skills? Have you longed for a Bible study that was uniquely crafted to teach your daughter about God? Would you like to spend some time having fun with your daughter? Appleseeds is for YOU! Appleseed...

Thought for the Day: Take Care of Others, God Takes Care of You Philippians 2

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If you find that you spend a lot of time thinking about how the world bothers you instead of being the force, the change, the light in the world. When you find your sentences tend to begin with "I" and end in "ME" reflect on Philippians 2. Sometimes thinking of ourselves robs us of quality time communing with the Father about the blessings HE has in store for you. I spent a little time volunteering yesterday at Hands of Christ Back to School Drive. I went in feeling rushed thinking "ok all I have is an hour, I need to do as much as I can and then get the children and go home." However the woman who spoke at the beginning of the drive made me change my focus. She said, "I want the happy happy happiest people to be shoppers (Help the children get the clothes) she said if you are grumpy ...