17 Year Old North Tampa Teen, Jared Cano, Arrested for Foiled Bomb Attempt (NBC Today Video)

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“The number of casualties they could have caused, the bomb team described it as serious injury including death,” Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor.
Yesterday I posted information for the MISFIT Tour stating that we need to do something more radical to bring children/teens back to Christ. What more evidence do you need? No, I am not saying that a concert will change everything. However we need to do something. This child quoted a line from a movie as his tagline/slogan whatever you will call it. So yes, I do think as parents, churches, teachers, caregivers we need to start taking more drastic efforts to make sure the children who need it get the proper help and in addition we need to stop allowing the children to watch whatever they want. We need to stop allowing our children to play violent videos games and we need to substitute these things with positive messages. With messages of love. With messages that help them understand that even when they are angry, hurt of feel like they don’t fit in that they belong to a family, a body of Christ that loves and accepts them, is made Perfect in their weakness and will give them all the strength they need to make it through the tough years. Children even if they don’t admit it have a wild sense of imagination. They don’t always have the mental capacity to disconnect what is real and what is not. It is our job to make sure whatever they “Believe In” is not going to eventually harm them or others.
Be Blessed and be sure to give your children all they love, discipline and God that you possibly can everyday they walk out the door.

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