Jours Après Lunes: Lingerie For 4 Year Old Girls and Sexy Advertisements (Today Show Video), Man I Am Ticked!!! That is Putting it The Christian Way!

“It is impossible that no offenses should come, but woe to him through whom they do come! It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were thrown into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.” (Luke 17:1-2)
Pole Dancing, provocative ads, adult lingerie! Jours Après Lunes, How dare you make my daughters targets in this way. As a mother of 5 daughters I am outraged! No not just at the companies but at the sick individuals who have let it become such a common practice to sexualize little girls that which is abnormal is becoming normal. To the politicians who have not put in place more harsh laws or punishments for people who harm children that they have little to no fear of being caught. To the parents, yes who will allow their innocent children to be thrust into a world of sex and selling their flesh for a profit before they can enroll in Kindergarten. The letters these angels should be learning are A B and C not S E X.
Oh and I am not just talking about the ones who are in the ads but to the parents who buy them. We all no that we live in a Capitalistic society, meaning if you won’t buy it, they won’t sell it! I remember a few years back I was watching Tyra give advice to a contestant on America’s Next Top Model. they were doing a lingerie ad and she told the girls she was too closed. She said when you are doing a lingerie shoot that men are your target audience. So when you pose, put your arms up, or behind your head. Lean in with your shoulders back instead of in, etc. She would be an expert in that field, right. So look at these ads and compare those words to her advice. Little girls like princess’ and fairies not push up bras and thongs! Yes i know they say this is comfortable lounge wear, but the organic Dora pajamas at Walmart serve the same focus.
It is sickening. At least people are speaking out and voicing their outrage for these little girls and that is a good thing. The sad part about it is it still remains that the thinking is this type of abuse only happens to girls. Who will speak out for the little boys being abused? Do we have to wait fora Speedo ad with toddler boys before we do?
Our children are to be protected not exploited. We need to understand that the mind of a pedophile will not only love these ads but will also imagine your little boy or girl in those garments as they walk to the bus each morning. So parents who let their children pose this way, companies who put out this kind of marketing you are not on;y putting these children at risk but everyone’s. If you don’t think what I am saying is real please do just a little research.
I pray so often that sexual sins against women and minors would cease to exist. However the truth of the matter is nothing goes away without action. If we continue to purchase, support site idly by and allow it things will only get worse. Do I know what to do? Well when I was a little girl my Great Grand Father always had a lot of dogs. One day one got really sick. He told me to say my good-byes from a distance and that he was going to have to put the dog down. I cried and asked him why. He told me that sometimes when a creature is really sick it is the kindest thing you can do. Now that comes to mind HOWEVER Not exactly, I know Christ would NOT approve. So I do my best to keep all children I know safe and protected. Sad thing is I KNOW some of you are going to be more upset that my Great Grandfather shot his dog, than the issue at hand. However, I pray for those who prey on them that God fixes what is broken inside of them. I pray that we with the dollars stop supporting such foolishness because this mess just does not make any sense. I also blog about it and hope that you share it with everyone so that peoples consciousness is awakened and we become more diligent at protecting all children’s innocence instead of turning a blind eye or inadvertently supporting their harm!!!!
I was upset yesterday when I heard that in Saudi Arabia the Muslims are allowed to marry girls that are still in a crib! Oh but can’t have sex with them until they are old enough to hold their husbands weight, 9 years old was what some of them were! Now to compound it with this and all I can say is I am ticked!!!!
If yo can’t enjoy the beauty and mind of an adult woman then be alone, let the kids be kids.
I’m praying for all of us and my anger. I try not to post like this but I had to get it out!
Be Blessed
Now that it is off my chest. What do you think? Is this ok?

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  1. Our society is fixiated on sex; even many people in church act like we are responsible for the body God fashioned us –if you look good watch out for even there men will try to bed ya & females will act like you have a bed for their men BUT if you don’t look sooo desirous they act like you should be ashamed of that too. Really, what ever happened to knowing eachother after the spirit & leaders binding those lustful spirits & older women teaching younger womwn to be modest & parents teaching their children that they are not sex objects

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