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Holy Gamers Now Have A Bible-Based Facebook Game – Journey of Moses

Thank You! I think if we get one more Facebook invitation from a Bishop, Prophet, Pastor, Mother or First Lady of the Church offering us to join their Mafia Family or live on a Farm I might just scream :), surely I jest. However the serious part is if you are a gamer and would like to play a map adventure game that has been likened to Zelda with a Biblical twist Journey of Moses might be for you.
“Weaving throughout ancient Egypt and the Middle East, the Journey of Moses is a fun, immersive adventure game, complete with complex characters, engaging quests, puzzles and mysteries,” said Brent Dusing, CEO of Hexify. “Whether you already play social games or you are interested in the story of Moses, we believe we have created a game that everyone can enjoy.”
Dusing ascertains that they tried to keep the integrity of the journey while providing a game that would be fun for those who do not know the story as well. he states that they even “vetting certain aspects with theological leaders”. The application is free however supplemental items can be purchased along the way.
Anyone playing already? Interesting looking Moses….hmmm????
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A post from the Journey of Moses creators:

A few players have expressed concern over the Biblical accuracy of this game is. The Journey of Moses is a game based on the historical account given in the Book of Exodus and the Book of Acts in the Holy Bible. Wherever possible, we have adhered to the Biblical account in the retelling of this story. At the times when the Bible does not include certain details or story elements, we have added content for the sake of compelling gameplay.
Well there  you have it!

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