Joyce Meyer – Control Your Moods

Receive instruction in wise dealing and the discipline of wise thoughtfulness, righteousness, justice, and integrity. –Proverbs 1:3 Moods can bring strange impulses that we dare not heed. When we get moody, we want to do weird things, or neglect our responsibilities.

“I don’t feel like doing anything today. I am in a bad mood. Just leave me alone.”

Disciplined people submit their emotions to wisdom. They say, “These are my feelings, but I don’t live by my feelings. I may have moods, but they don’t dictate my actions. I am going to do exactly what I would do if I felt better.” You will enjoy your day more when you discipline yourself to do what you believe, instead of what you feel.


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  1. Felicita Rodriguez Avatar
    Felicita Rodriguez

    I love Joyce Meyer preachings, also her teachings by the experience she has lived, because there are lots of things she went through that I to have experience too. I was sending donations for a few years to her ministry. Iam sooooo greatful to her for sending me spiritual mesages when my mom passed away about three years ago. Haven’t been too good because on the saturday before mother’s day my dad passed away too. Right now I need your prayers to get a job that I can do, because I have health problems. I thank you. I missed your program in Puerto Rico, because where we lived we only had basic chanales. Love you Joyce. You’re one of my best preachers. Your mesages always touch my spirit. GBU & fam. Oh I moved to Beth.PA.

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