Are You Satisfied With Your Church Home? Discussion

We all know someone in our church home like this, however what is his/her purpose?

It seems to me that in this day and age there are several people who go to churches that are not meeting their Spiritual needs.  Having grown up the PGK (Pastor’s Grand Kid) and the majority of my cousins or Uncles also being Pastors, one thing I know for certain is that there are several churches and several types of churches all over this great country.  So then why is it that someone would stay at a church where they are not being taught, ministered to or fed?

It’s interesting because having grown up in the church I have heard a lot of conversations/complaints about what the church is or is not doing.  As though the parishioners or congregation are oblivious to the fact that THEY ARE the church.  Meaning if there is something not being done, there’s a possibility it’s not being done because you never took the initiative to stop complaining and get it done. Can someone help me understand?  I have had this conversation with my other half before and he believes that there is almost a certain social status that comes from being able to say I am a member of this church or The Good Rev. Dr So and So is my Pastor. So have we reached a point where people think that the church is more important than God’s work being done here on earth? Serving the man and not the Master?

Is this what we have let church become?  My feeling on it is, a church is like any family it has its problems and areas that need to be fixed, healed, repaired.  However as the members we also need to keep in mind that if we are not part of the solution then many times we are part of the problem.

What do you think?

Scripture tells us if we have ought against our brother we should go to him. Matthew 18:15, Matthew 5:23-24

Do you see this happening in your church?

How about forgiveness? Matthew 6:14-15

Community Outreach? Matthew 25:31-40

The things that you complain about in your church, if any, are you the person who tries to correct them or do you feel you can’t help?  Why or why not? James 1:22

If you felt your Pastor was out of reach, meaning you could not talk to him or know him would you feel connected to the church? Ephesians 4:1-13


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4 responses to “Are You Satisfied With Your Church Home? Discussion”

  1. I love my church. what i have a problem with is the church folk. who claim to be saved . but cant’ forgive. they walk around mad at people for no reason at all. where is the lord ?

    1. RiverAngel42 Avatar

      It’s hard when we go to church only to realize that the same issues we can run into on the street we can find there. I understand, but what is our charge. I know that we are all broken vessles but at what point do we go too far in not reconciling a situation? I know that the bible says to go to your brother, but it also says if that doesn’t work to seek a moderator, is there a point where a third party should be involved? Mother board, pastor etc. to ensure that we are doing the right thing?

  2. RiverAngel42 Avatar

    Thanks for visiting again.
    I don ‘t believe that the churches of old have completely disappeared. As we have discussed before, I feel my church holds a lot of that Ol’ Time Religion.
    However, the people I brought up have been in the churches long as the funeral home fans 🙂 so they aren’t something that sprang up with the changing of the church.
    I guess my question is individual, how do you deal with it when you see something in your church that doesn’t seem to be working? Do you try to understand why it is that way? Do you try to fix it? Or do you wait to get Sis. Johnson on the phone so that you can complain about it? How do we addreess the person in the choir who always says, “I don’t wanna sing that song, it’s just not me!”?

  3. Great article! I was born and raise in the Pentecostal and Baptist church…I wouldn’t give up those memories for nothing in the world…I believe today church presents us with to many choices…It seems as if the church has become like “Burger King” have it your way…Why growing up I had no choice…It was JESUS and the community….To tell the truth I liked it better.

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