Thought – Practicing Positivity

Have you ever been in the break room at your job, everyone is enjoying their meal and sharing in light conversation? Then all of a sudden, Joe Bob (a known Christian) walks in and everyone shifts in their seat and looks at their meal. What seemed to be lighthearted open conversation turns into everyone talking to the other people at their tables and trying hard to avoid eye contact with Joe Bob.

How about this scenario: You are having a pretty good day. You heard your favorite song this morning and things are looking bright then you turn the corner and there is Sally Sue (Another Known Christian). For a moment you contemplate getting on the elevator with her for five floors or taking the stairs.

Or perhaps with you (The Other Known Christian) its completely the opposite, you don’t want to talk to anyone. Don’t want to be bothered with the folks in the break room or hardly anywhere else for that matter. If they ask you how you are doing you are going to tell them exactly how you are doing and it’s not good.

Well the reason I am writing this post is because I feel that as Christians, even when it is difficult, we need to make an attempt at being positive. For some of us this will come really easy. As an example, for the most part it is hard to catch me without a smile on my face (I SAID FOR THE MOST PART). Now what I am thinking to make me smile I might need to work on, however people tend to smile back when they see a person smiling at them. It is little, it is positive and it is contagious. That is a start.

We are supposed to be the light of the world. How can we do that when people don’t even want to ask us how we are doing because everything out of our mouths is a complaint? We even lodge Christian complaints, “How was church on Sunday?” reply “Oh it would’ve been fine but they had this new boy on the organ and he played too loud. Then somebody had they crying baby in the church. I wish….” Goes on from there, right?

However, if we begin to Practice Positivity eventually we will learn to change the way in which we speak. Once we become the master’s of our tongues and start to speak life instead of death, health instead of sickness, peace instead of war I have faith that we will see those negative influences disappear from our lives. At least lose the holds that they have on us.

Do I think that we will be able to do this overnight? Not at all. However try this, for every person that you speak to tomorrow, try to slip one positive comment into your conversation. Try this for a week or more, then up it to two, then whenever you feel that urge to say something negative, think on the good. We are the children of God, even on our worst day there is something good going on around us. It is just a matter of what you have trained your eyes, mouth and heart to see, say and feel.

By no means am I trying to make you oblivious to the bad in the world. Yet I do feel that as Christians we need to practice positivity so that we can start talking up these Blessings that God has in store for us and others. Sometimes you can make a world of difference to a person by giving them a kind or positive word. It can be as simple as you look nice. I don’t want us to wander in the wilderness for 40 years just because we want to walk around complaining and being doubtful.

It’s funny because in our Bible study we have run across this scripture so many times about the good man and the evil man speaking what is in their hearts Luke 6:45. Think about it, if you are a negative minded person, if all you speak or even mostly is negative, then what is stored in your heart? We need to re-train ourselves to speak more positive, not only for those around us also so it will permeate our minds and hearts. That we can be the Christians we are called to be. Placing love in our hearts so that when we go to our brother or sister with a concern they can still hear the Love of Christ come through our hearts and out our mouths.

What do you think?
Is this something you have tried?
How does it work for you?
Have you ever tried to keep count of the negative things you say in a day?
How about the positive?

Well let me know what you think!
Be Blessed
River Angel 42

PS Before you leave the house tomorrow, don’t forget to put on your smile. It’s the best accessory you can wear!

“I speak life and prosperity and I speak health, God favors me” Hezekiah Walker


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  1. RiverAngel42 Avatar

    It is so much fun to give advice and then turn around and have to take it. I wanted to share this with you so that you understand that my thoughts are for myself as well.

    While preparing my youngest to leave for school she informed me that our favorite teacher would be leaving. 🙁 So once I arrived at her school I began to ask very basic non-invasive questions and as I was getting ready to say well ok, when is your last day, the assistant director walks in and responds, “you can ask Mrs. —–your questions!” not hello, not What are you talking about? Nothing. I’m not a morning person or very tolerant of rudeness caught myself before letting her know just how out of line she was and opted to merely ignore her comment all together and continue on with my question and then kiss my daughter good day and leave.

    As I got in the car I initially called my other half to complain but then decided to hang up the phone and say a prayer for her because this is her personality most times I see her. Which thankfully is not very often. I’m still a work in progress!

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