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Question of the Day: 2 South Carolina Women Collapse After Being Convicted to Life After Murdering 3 yr old Girl (Video). What Did They Expect?

After watching the above video as a Mother and a Christian I sit here a little confused. I am angry that a little girl lost her life at the hands of people whom her mother trusted. I am sad for the Mother of the convicted who whailed and screamed at her daughter in the courtroom. […]

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Royal Missionary Baptist Church (Streaming Video)

Live Broadcast of worship services providing another means for all to obtain God’s Word and remain connected to the Kingdom. 8:00a & 11:15a (EST)

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Boot Camp For Chaplains (Video)

[ad#ad] At the U.S. Army Chaplain Center and School located in Fort Jackson, South Carolina, clergy of all faiths receive training on how to survive in combat. Chaplains in combat have some of the most dangerous jobs in the military. The only distinction in a Chaplains uniform is a two-inch patch signifying their religious affiliation. […]


2011 McDonald's Choir Showcase

The McDonald’s Choir Showcase is an opportunity finalists to share their musical gifts and talents before thousands of people by way of online exposure, media appearances, mini-concerts followed by an on-stage praise and worship experience with some of the world’s most anointed national gospel recording artists. More Info [ad]

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South Carolina Preacher/Powerball Winner Donates 10 Million (Video)

Reverend Dr. Solomon Jackson, Jr. won the lottery in 2009. Jackson has since given Morris College the largest donation they have ever received from an individual: $10 million. Monday, he helped break ground on a new building on campus. The building will be called the Solomon Jackson, Sr., William McKinley Bowman, Sr., Raymond Carolina Physical […]