Boot Camp For Chaplains (Video)

[ad#ad] At the U.S. Army Chaplain Center and School located in Fort Jackson, South Carolina, clergy of all faiths receive training on how to survive in combat.
Chaplains in combat have some of the most dangerous jobs in the military. The only distinction in a Chaplains uniform is a two-inch patch signifying their religious affiliation. Christian chaplains wear a cross, Jewish clergy tablets showing the Ten Commandments, and Muslim clergy wear a crescent.
Chaplains are unarmed at all times. While in combat they travel with a chaplain assistant who carries a weapon for protection.
The U.S. Army employs around 2,900 chaplains. About half are active duty and the other serve in the reserves. Eight-hundred chaplains and chaplain assistants are deployed in the war on terror and 300 of them serve in the Middle East and Afghanistan, according to a spokesman.
Source: CNN


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