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TD Jakes: A Discourse on Race, Culture, and the Death of Civility

TD Jakes: A Discourse on Race, Culture, and the Death of Civility

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In recent weeks, the clash of race and culture made its way back into the headlines in the most ungracious of ways, signaling the death of civility in its wake. Whether it was the N-word blaring over the airwaves courtesy of Dr. Laura Schlesinger, the heated debate over a mosque too near “Ground Zero” for the comfort of some, or the revelation in the Pew Research Center’s report that 18 percent of Americans still believe the president to be Muslim – despite his outward declaration of Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior …. To my way of thinking, attacking public policy is fair game, but judging one’s redemption or “brand of Christianity” puts us all in very dicey waters. It is a clear indication that we’ve lost a focus on what is essential – the notion of civility. What some call racism,...

Question Of The Day: Is It OK To Burn The Koran/Quran

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Over the past few days there has been a lot of talk about Pastor(?) Terry Jones and his demonstration to burn the Kuran. The Kuran for Muslims is the equivalent to the Bible for us Christains. [ad#ad] Do you feel as though The Quran should be treated with the same regard as Huck Finn and other books that people have burned in protest? Or do you feel that the Koran should be respected as an important part of the Muslim culture and not burned? Do you feel as though God would want us to show love and respect to those of the Muslim faith. Or because there are some who are radical we should go to far extremes to show our disapproval of what they believe. Does offending all prove that we are in disagreement with the extremist? Should we then burn the Bible every time someone who says they are C...

Terry Jones and Dove World Outreach Center to Continue With Rally

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[ad] Sources say that Terry Jones made the following qoute regarding the cancellation of his "burn the Koran Day": "We have firmly made up our mind, but at the same time, we are definitely praying about it," said Jones, who heads the Dove World Outreach Church in Gainesville, Fla., told CNN Tuesday. Jones said his group is "weighing the situation." Ok is it me or does it sound like Hog Wash to use the words "firmly, but, Praying and weighing" in the same sentence. If I am a firm yes or no, it typically means I am not weighing any other options. That is why you use the word FIRM. However God can change your mind, let's hope He uses this man's hands for His will to be done. Jones said his rally is aimed at the "radical" Muslims, not moderate Muslims. "Our message is a message of warni...