Terry Jones and Dove World Outreach Center to Continue With Rally

[ad] Sources say that Terry Jones made the following qoute regarding the cancellation of his “burn the Koran Day”:
“We have firmly made up our mind, but at the same time, we are definitely praying about it,” said Jones, who heads the Dove World Outreach Church in Gainesville, Fla., told CNN Tuesday.

Jones said his group is “weighing the situation.”

Ok is it me or does it sound like Hog Wash to use the words “firmly, but, Praying and weighing” in the same sentence. If I am a firm yes or no, it typically means I am not weighing any other options. That is why you use the word FIRM. However God can change your mind, let’s hope He uses this man’s hands for His will to be done.

Jones said his rally is aimed at the “radical” Muslims, not moderate Muslims.

“Our message is a message of warning to the radical element of Islam.”

I really need to leave this alone for a while and let you talk. Following the Bambi rule.

One more thing, I feel as though becasue of his obvious age, he is picking a battle that he doesn’t have to fight.  Why would you incite a battle that could lead to the demise of your sons and daughters.  It goes beyond hating “Radical Muslims” to offering your children as a sacrifice for your cause.  The point of a Shepard is to keep the sheep away from the wolves not dangle them out in front of them like bait. Ok I’m done

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    Pastor Jones do not back down or coward to those who do not know the truth about Islam. Do not be pressured in doing what is wrong. Burning a book is not buring a person no sin has been committed. They hate us anyway and no book burning contest is going to make them love or hate us anymore than they already do.
    Notice how tollerant Pastor is when he says he will not burn the books if they move their trophy of so called victory. Also notice how intollerant the muslims are by saying the building will continue to be built on Ground Zero this proves it’s a victory in their sight that the towers tumbled. If they could they would really like to build it over the site itself fortunately construction has already begun or else perhaps they would have and perhaps you Americans would have let them, who knows.

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    Mr. Jones, As a fellow Christian, I don’t feel this is the way Jesus would respond. Please don’t do this, it only seems it will cause more harm than good. It wouldn’t be worth it, if these actions cause Islam extremist to retaliate on our soldiers in the middle east, do you want that on your conscience? Who will you reach and touch by this burning? Glorify the lord by teaching his love and offer salvation, this will impress people to come to God much quicker than burning the Koran.

  3. Tom Wysocki Avatar
    Tom Wysocki

    islam is criminal organiztion , therefore should be deligalized We put in jail those who can have or do have four or more wifes . ! it is a crime not a freedom of religion . Islam is about HATE . braking the Geneva convention Human rights.
    Just to remind you , women have no human rights . woman are treated as dogs. All liberals , are you trying to tell us that you are going to let them practice that evil religion ?
    ( 4 wifes or more, cutting womans troats for going to school ,denying womans right to drive a car …. etc.You hypocrites liares ! as far as i know you go to jail for doing this . it is criminal organization called religion. liares ….)
    Muslims are braking US constitution and law. )
    Muslims have no right to tel us that criminal and evil mahomet was a god’s prophet . HE had four wifes !!!!!! don’t we put in jail for that ???
    isn’t it braking the law.

    let GOD be with you ,
    god bless pastorJones.

    (pardon me for my english this is my seventh language)

  4. Jonn Howell Avatar
    Jonn Howell

    Rev Jones please do not do this. Many people will die for no reason. Please, reach people through LOVE of God And example of character.

  5. if it’s o.k for muslims to step on our flag in NY, then I say it’s o.k. we burn their evil koran.

  6. I think you should follow through with your plan. We will not fear the taliban ever. No threat, no violence, anything will stop us in removing this false religion called I-Slam.

    1. RiverAngel42 Avatar

      I feel as though if his plan is of God then God’s will shall be done. However at this point I don’t see the relevance and how it relates to what God would have in store. Thus the questions for understanding. I pray that he is truly praying and seeking to align himself with what God would have him do and not just using his 15 minutes of fame to further grow his congregation on the basis of religious bigotry. Beware of false prophets. I read and posted his reasoning for doing this but it still doesn’t make sense to me.

      Please someone answer my questions.

      As far as this being America and being free to burn any book, I wonder if the sentiment is the same when people burn the United States Flag or the Holy Bible on American soil? The number of “Radical Muslims” is less than “Moderate Muslims” so why offend the majority to get to the few. With regards to removing this false religion I line up more with Charity. No one has ever shown me (effectively) that I was wrong by hating or disrespecting what I believe. It always brings me to the question of: What makes what you believe better than what I believe if what you believe embraces hatred.

      I am not sitting here saying anyone’s comments are wrong. I know that God is a God of war. He sent David on many missions. I know He is a God of action, Jesus turned the tables in the temple. However he is a Righteous God so I would think that if it were truly of God His presence would be known.

      Again I wait for understanding. For those who have to fight, may God Bless and cover you. We all have our gifts, seems like mine is cooking with Charity! Paul you are correct he has the Constitutional right to burn the books, but that doesn’t make it right by God. I also would like to know where in the Constitution it says that a man in Florida has the right to put our Armed Forces and private citizens at risk. Because truth be told we don’t know where our enemy is and how they will retaliate. He himself said he will have heightened security.Which to me says he is afraid. Jones is also saying he is not taking responsibility for any backlash. In my day we called people like that instigators. If you want to start it be sure you are willing to assume responsibility for your actions.

      This is sent to everyone in the spirit of peace and love and hope that whatever is returned by way of comments is sent in the same way. I asked for response and will respect all that are received.

  7. Charity Wells Avatar
    Charity Wells

    Mr. Jones,
    In Luke 16:16 Jesus says, “The law and the prophets were until John.” He is confirming the time of the law and the prophets is over. It seem possible that your desire to help God is based on Old Testament patterns, and not Holy Spirit revealed wisdom.
    Jesus tells his children to love their enemies. If you believe folks who read the Koran are your enemies, it would be much more profitable to invite them as individuals and families into your homes and share a meal with them and share love with them.
    You could have world wide impact on this issue by showing humility, by changing your stance on this issue, admitting you are wrong, and choosing to show love in a tangible way.
    The only law of Jesus in the gospels is the law of love.
    Charity Wells

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