Monday, September 25

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Thought of the Day: Mind What You Say, Pastor Zachery Tims Home Going

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As many of you know Pastor Tims family has decided that they will keep both the Wake and Funeral Services private. As I was sitting here I began to SPECULATE as to what reasons they might have had to make such a last minute decision. I began to think about my life as the Pastor's granddaughter. I thought about how many times we had a family gathering that he had to miss because someone's child got locked up or because a member was either in need or in the hospital. We literally shared our grandfather with what seemed to me as a small child to be the world. Now we had a small congregation so I could only imagine what Pastor Tims family life must have been like with such a large congregation and two churches. I am sure he had to miss a lot of precious moments trying to do God's work while hi...