Thought of the Day: Mind What You Say, Pastor Zachery Tims Home Going

As many of you know Pastor Tims family has decided that they will keep both the Wake and Funeral Services private. As I was sitting here I began to SPECULATE as to what reasons they might have had to make such a last minute decision.
I began to think about my life as the Pastor’s granddaughter. I thought about how many times we had a family gathering that he had to miss because someone’s child got locked up or because a member was either in need or in the hospital. We literally shared our grandfather with what seemed to me as a small child to be the world. Now we had a small congregation so I could only imagine what Pastor Tims family life must have been like with such a large congregation and two churches. I am sure he had to miss a lot of precious moments trying to do God’s work while his children were growing up.

I say this to say that you should be mindful as to what you say. My speculating led me to think that perhaps all the negative press and more importantly negative comments from the “Body” have led the family to feel as though they needed to shut the doors to protect the family. Especially when you consider the fact that he was not only a pastor but had young children who have to deal with their grief, the rumors and gossip.

It is sad that they can’t just have our support, love and prayers. I think as a body of believers in times like these we really need to be more mindful of what we say about people. You never know your one comment might have been the one to make them change their minds. That is the families choice and no one should question that. However it is a shame to me that his family had to share him with the world in life and can not extend courtesy in death because we have a hunger for drama and negativity.

Like I said previously I have no other reason than my own mind to think that this is the reason. Rather it is or it isn’t I hope this will serve as a reminder that our words have the power to both heal and destroy. Proverbs 18:21 states The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences. We should all pray for the wisdom to control ours.

Be Blessed


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