Tuesday, September 26

Dr. Jamal Bryant and Ben Chavis Speak On Occupy The Dream, January 16, 2012 (Live Video) Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Service Opportunity

Dr. Bryant States Occupy The Dream wants Three Things and calls all Churches, People Fraternities and Sororities to support
Strenghtining Of Pell Grants
Immediate Freeze on all Foreclosures
$100 Billion Dollars

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  • Bishop Tindimwebwa Christopher

    A Word From the Lord
    My soul melts from heaviness; strengthen me according to Your word.
    Psalm 119:28
    Tony Evans suggests that as we study the Bible objectively we should also remember that the Lord leads us subjectively in its application.
    The Holy Spirit often gives us promises for particular needs in life. Evans wrote: “Have you ever heard someone say, ‘God gave me a verse’?
    That person finds an application of the verse to his life even though the verse itself may have been written about Moses or Abraham, or someone else. How does this Christian know that this verse can be applied this way in his life? …
    I believe the answer is in the internal witness of the Spirit. He applies different verses to different Christians in different ways at different times.”1
    Dedicating our minds to Christ allows the Spirit to guide our thoughts into pathways that are positive and restorative.
    When we’re prone to impure or anxious thoughts, the Holy Spirit can transform our lives through the renewing of our minds.
    As we study Scripture, He gives us new verses for every day and every dilemma. Do you have a word from the Lord today?
    Bishop Tindimwebwa

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