A Boy, A Blanket and A Gift

By RiverAngel42
This story is about a little boy named Nigel.  Nigel lives in a small town with his Parents, Grandparents and other siblings. He is the youngest of his siblings and is often said to be “high spirited”. While he has a good heart and knows right from wrong sometimes he gets a little excited and finds himself in a tad bit of trouble (of course you wouldn’t know what that was like).
One Christmas, as Nigel and his family were opening their presents, he noticed a package wrapped in brown paper stuffed way behind the tree.  The present had his name on it, however he did not know who the present was from.  So Nigel gave the package a shake, no sound.  He gave the package a squeeze, it was lumpy. Now he was totally confused as he had already received all the toys and clothes he could dream of.  The only thing that gave him a clue was a note that read, “Take me with you at all times, and I will be your comfort.” Love G.
Being curious Nigel ripped open the bag and there he found a green fleece blanket.  “A Blanket” Nigel thought, “I’m a big boy, why on earth would I carry around a blanket.”  However there was something about this blanket and as the day progressed he found that not only was he following the instructions on the blanket but that he really never wanted to go anywhere without it. So as time went on he began to carry the blanket with him every where he went.  To the market, the blanket; the Doctor’s office, the Blanket;  school, the blanket. When he was happy he had the blanket and when he was sad he had the blanket.
Nigel was very good at soccer and it seemed that he always had a game.  So his family took turns going  to the games so there was always someone there to show their support.  Well one day it was his mother’s turn to show at his game.  This was Nigel’s best game ever. He scored goal after goal and after every goal he would look to the stands to see if his mother was there but she was not.  After the game ended she still was not there.  Nigel disappointed and scared wrapped himself up in his blanket and waited.  The coach watched from a distance and continued packing up until she arrived.  When she got there she apologized and explained to him that she had a flat tire.  She asked if he was ok and he replied “Yes Mommy, G was with me.”  She asked him, “Who is G?” He told her with a big grin, “my blanket”, as he hopped off the bench and ran to the car.
As time went on Nigel left his town and his family to go off and be a grown up. He left behind his parents, grandparents, siblings and blanket. He used to call all the time but the longer he was away the less he called, it was like he forgot about them and the blanket.  They all missed him and wondered where he was and how he was doing.
I had only heard of Nigel through stories in my town, everyone called him the boy with the blanket.  They told of stories of how they could see danger around the little boy and how it seemed as though the blanket always kept him safe.  Well one day as I was on  my way to drop somethings off at the Salvation Army, I saw a homeless man standing on the street.  It was Christmas time and he looked so sad and alone, not to mention cold.   I pulled over and said to him, “I don’t have much but what I was going to give to the Salvation Army, I would love to give to you instead.”  He came over and I handed him a pile of things. On the top of the pile was a green fleece blanket, the man looked at the blanket and then looked at me as if he didn’t know what to say.  I was thinking boy he must really be cold.  So I took the blanket wrapped it around him and said “I know it’s not much but perhaps if you take this blanket with you at all times it will give you some comfort” He wept. I said to him, “No need to cry, it’s Christmas time everyone should get something, it’s not that big of a deal.” I asked him what his name was and he replied, “Nigel. Thank you for this gift. While it’s nothing to you it gave me the comfort and strength I needed to go home.”
As Nigel walked away from me he had memories of when he was a child. Happy memories of him and G being close. How he always felt safe and protected when G was with him.  When he left home, he thought he left G behind but somehow he found him and he was sure glad he did.  As a child he thought that the blanket had magical powers as an adult he knew that the blanket wasn’t his strength at all but that his trusted friend was God and he was happy and willing to accept Him back into his life. As he walked and cried God whispered to him, “I was right here with you waiting to comfort you all along, now let’s go home.”
Merry Christmas and may we all share and receive the best gift we can this holiday season, the gift of God’s love.
Hebrews 13:5 “…God has said, “I will never leave you or forsake you.”

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  1. Myra Lee

    What an awesome story! I loved it:) Just in time for the spirit of giving!

    1. RiverAngel42

      Thank you for coming by and reading. i am so glad you found th e story enjoyable. Please share with anyone you think would also like to read.
      Hope you have a blessed holiday season.
      Also The Shack was a good read did you ever pick it up?

  2. JMC Ministries

    After reading your comment on our editorial Eternal Flame News that you wrote we immediately clicked the link you left about this story.
    This story hits us (JMC Ministries) on a very personal level. Not only because we attend the Salvation Army Church, but also because Homelessness has been a reality for me (Jeremy). When I was a young adult in my late teens I became homeless for 2 years after the sudden death of my mother. And the Salvation Army was there to help me through that period in my life, and get me back on my feet again.
    Thank you for sharing this story, and also being a friend of our on Twitter. Merry Christmas

    1. RiverAngel42

      Thank you even more for your comment and being so open. The story behind the story is it was a dream I had that was so clear, the name, the color of the blanket everything. I have them often but also struggle with if I should or shouldn’t write them down. Hearing your story re-affirms that my dreams have purpose.
      Also there was another young lady who sent me an email saying that she, her friends and sisters all pitch in items then drive through Baltimore on Christmas day looking for the homeless and give them each a bag of items they might need. She said last year it was ten hopefully they will have more this year.
      In a day and time when people can be so selfish it is nice to know that there are still people who are being helped and those who are helping. We can only only pray for an increase of both.
      I am happy that God brought you out of your situation.
      Be Blessed

  3. Kimah

    Hey Secret,
    I finally get around to checking all my emails and I read your story……It was AWESOME…..I began seeking a deeper relationship with GOD in 2009 and Amazing things are happining in my life and I am so humbled and gratefull by the blessings that I receive each day. I read that story amazed at how acurate and true this story is to not only me but a lot of people out here. Well anyhoo, my church meets every month for a Womens night out and I am printing your story out to share with them at our gathering on friday nite….. I know I am late but I just wanted to tell you that I think the story was awesome read and thanks for sharing.
    May God grant you according to your heart's desire, and fulfill all your purpose. (NKJV)

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