October 19, 2011 @ 7pm
Hosted by Bishop George Bloomer and Dr. Darrell Scott
Bethel Family Worship Center Church
515 Dowd Street
Durham, NC 27701
Office: 919.688.1565
Prophet Mark Chirona
Prophetess Juanita Bynum
Prophet Todd Hall
Prophet Brian Carn
Musical Guest:
Shirley Murdoch
God’s Image
Coco Mcmillain


2 responses to “Bishop George Bloomer – Prophetic Summit”

  1. People of God: On that date of October 19, 2011, I suggest that
    the citizens of Durham evacuate because the quacks and false
    teachers and false preachers will be in full blown regalia with their lies and divinations and witchcraft and pure non
    biblical gibberish.
    They will try to outdo each other in their pompous tomfoolery
    and shenanigans and will see who can extract the most dollars from the ignorant people who will attend such a circus event.
    If the apostles Peter, Paul and James were to visit such a
    hideous enclave they would probably call down lightning from heaven and wipe out such charlatans who are being deceived and are deceiving others.
    What a sham….what a conference. Will anyone be there who will judge what they say by the template of truth…The Word of God…or will they be allowed to spout any babble and attribute it to God?
    Believe me…God has said to them: I did not send you and what you are saying is not from me.
    Yet, still, black people by the droves will go there and shout and run the aisles and give their “last dime” to these circus barkers and when none of these “prophesies come to pass,there will be no accountability from these pimps to anyone.
    Why? They will be gone and have their bank accounts stuffed with the bucks of gullible people who have the same larceny in their hearts as do these speakers.
    What a travesty….
    True people of God…mark these people that cause division and avoid them at all costs.

    1. Well said brethren!

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