2011 Book List – Dr. Jamal Bryant World War Me Vol. II – I Desire (Book and Excerpt)

Dr. Jamal Bryant has written a follow up to his book World War Me. This is what is being said about the second volume:
In his compelling analogy of desire, author and pastor Dr. Jamal Bryant likens desire to a “wish,” an unshakeable yearning to attain a goal—“an internal aim for an external conquest.” He explains truths that reveal the power of desire to work even when you are unaware of its activity.
Desire constantly tugs at everyone in a myriad of ways. This powerful training tool teaches you how to control your desires while simultaneously remembering to strive to achieve your godly desires.
Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He shall give you
the desires of your heart (Psalm 34:7).

I Desire takes you on a journey into the truth about desire and its twin—the pursuit of happiness. Discussed are the elements of desire including psychology, philosophical, origin, and managing. You will make a spiritual connection for positive long-term thinking, behavior, and desires.
The practical advice flowing throughout every chapter is supported by closely related anecdotes about real-life, modern-day people as well as wonderfully relevant Bible stories.
When you read it, please come back and discuss. If you just can’t wait for the book to arrive, click here to read an excerpt.
As always, Be Blessed

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