Children's Fellowship: Exodus 20 "The Ten Commandments" Printable Image

This morning as I was sitting with my daughters they began to talk to me about God. The 6 year old asked if God loved bad people? I told her yes God loves everyone. Which was followed up by “do we make him sad?” I responded “Yes but just like a parent, God has rules he wants us to follow and when we don’t we displease Him and things don’t always turn out good. When we follow His rules things work out much better. Not always the way we would have thought but for the best.” Then the conversation went on to if God loves Santa Claus and how elves are Santa’s children, hmmm talk about interesting point in the conversation. As I struggled to gingerly answer that question I was asked if I knew Jesus was a carpenter by my 5 year old daughter. I answered “yes” and had to fire a follow up question, “Do you know what a carpenter is?” “Yes.” She replied. “Well what is it??” Response “It’s a person who puts down carpet.” Gotta love the minds of children.
As the girls were talking I was thinking that I needed to find a printout of the 10 Commandments that is fun to look at and in a language that they can understand and remember. After all what’s the point of telling them God has rules if I am not going to teach them.
I came across this one and as soon as I saw it I knew the conversation had a purpose and that I had to share this with each of you.

Be Blessed and don’t forget to take your young ones along with you as you grow in the Lord.

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