You are currently viewing Bishop TD Jakes Woman Thou Art Loosed Conference October 20-22 2011

Bishop TD Jakes Woman Thou Art Loosed Conference October 20-22 2011

Well Ladies it is about to be that time of year again. Bishop TD Jakes and First Lady Serita Jakes along with many other anointed speakers are getting ready for this years Woman Thou Art Loose Conference. Pre-Registration has already begun and the cost is 40.00.

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  1. Donna Clarke

    I would like to attend the “Woman Thou Art Loose Conference” in October, however I resides in Jamaica and accommodation in Dallas, Texas would be difficult. Is there any way you could assist?

  2. Nana Adwoa Taylor

    I have watched all the CD of woman thou art loosed and will like to physically be a part of this powerful program

  3. vera reed

    would like to attend woman thou are loosed me and two more other sister , but donot have the money at this time. could you possible be able pay our way. we will drive down. thank you


    i really would love to go but cant afford it…im 32 with 2 kids and im disablied….i wish i could go…

    1. Anonymous

      Are you still without tickets?

      1. vera

        yes still without tickets

      2. jessica

        how do u get tickets cuz i’m still without them

  5. Mollie

    do anyone have any tickets for sells? I missed registration and i really want to go

  6. Anonymous

    I was blessed with the whole sermon. Hope the message will help many who are bound with their past HURT, It was a life healing choice. From NAIROBI KENYA.

  7. linda roberts

    I would like to by tickets for the womans thou art losse conferance in oct 2011

  8. terri

    I bought my hotel, flight, rental car.but I didn’t register and its sold out. Can you help at all??

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