Question of the Day – Is the Bad Weather God or Science?

Over the past couple of years I am sure you have all noticed that the weather appears to be getting worse and worse. Typhoons, Hurricanes and Tornadoes in Urban areas have left me with today’s question. Is the bad weather God or science?
On one hand many have looked at the natural disasters and said this is the hand of God at work. That the end times are near and this is only the beginning of the end.
There are others who will say, on the other hand we warned you that the use of Aqua Net, Lysol and other aerosol cans etc. was causing a hole in the ozone and that global warming is to blame.

When I asked my complimentary half (I’m sure he’ll love that:)) what he thought, he brought up a good point and asked why couldn’t it be both? To which I had to answer well I guess it could. God does provide answers to our questions (when He wants) and science is one way to get an answer. So now I pose the same questions to you, which one is it? Is it both? Why or why not?
Looking forward to reading your thoughts!
Be Blessed,
Our thoughts and prayers are with all who have been affected by these storms. God be with you all.


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  1. God created the Universe & Earth. To that extent, it follows that He is responsible for weather, but He gave Man dominion over the Earth. We were essentially gods, beneficiaries & stewards, of Earth. The fact that we largely gave our power away may or may not be important when it comes to weather, but clearly Man can change weather through Faith (just read about the quieting of the storm on the sea).
    God created an environment in which we were, and still have, great sway. It would seem that Satan is more interested in denying otherwise good people (who could find salvation) to lose their way. At the Resurrection, did Jesus Christ tell us that we had the power to heal sickness? I believe He did. So, we should pray to God not to heal us, but to give us the wisdom and help us have Faith to cure the ills of mankind.
    To that extent, surely God heals us, but He does so on Earth by & through His greatest creation, a human being that works at inceasing our Faith daily. If someone gave you the power to heal (and taught the Disciples to accomplish & write about that and to understand our shortcomings and how to overcome when they failed to cast out demons), and then we ask Him to cure us, in my opinion that is a slap in His face. We are abdicating the great & wonderful God-given power we have for good & to triump over adversity. It is up to us to actualize those gifts through the daily pracice of Faith as the Apostles have demonstrated & taught in Scripture.
    My concern is these seemingly semantic differences are, in fact, Satan’s intent to let us know God & Salavation pursuant to the requirements of the Great Commission, but fail to embrace God in the ways that we should, potentially poisoning the process of bringing unbelievers to the point where they can exercise their free will to accept the gift of Grace. We may gain Salavation and embrace Christ as our Savior, but weather, health and other challenges in this temporal world do not go the way we would want because we do not practice Faith with sufficient devotion to use our power to correct many ills.
    When that happens often enough, and we plea with God to “save” us instead of making things better by actualizing our God-given powers, is it any wonder that some, perhaps many, of the unbelieving decide not to come to Christ as their Savior? Whose fault is that? Surely not God’s because He gave us a perfect world, an Eden, and the power to maintain it, a power reinstated by Christ after Man’s fall. We are to help bring unbelievers to a point where Christ can embrace them meaningfully through Grace. Although saved, my failure on so many of these fronts shames me and denies God His due. I hope my humility and sincere desire to honor God will make me a better instrument for His purposes. That is my prayer, not “God, fix the weather please!”
    Respectfully submitted in hopes that this may help bring at least one to accept Grace if, as I pray, my beliefs are a least partially right and worth pursuing in accordance with Scripture. I pray for that guidance daily.

    1. Thank you for your comment and well stated. Your comment makes me think of some of the leadership or today. If your position is not only well stated but correct there is a deficiency in faith being taught and encouraged in many churches as the leadership will state to ask/pray for many of the things that are given. It seems to me that the very thing of which you speak against is what is being taught by many of the “Prosperity” preachers.
      Again thanks for coming by, please do so again. You can join our RSS feed as a reminder to come by.
      Be Blessed

  2. I think it’s just how God created it to be. I believe it’s all part of nature and God’s plan. I don’t think He thinks that “now is a good day for a hurricane or earthquake.” Nor do I believe that it’s part of the “Global warming” that people want us to fear. I believe that God knows exactly what He’s doing when He created the earth and man.

  3. God commands the storms and they obey Him. God designs; science attempts to explain. and the bible does make clear the fact that as the day of Christ’s return draws ever nearer, the EARTH will acknowledge His impending arrival: droughts, earthquakes, water issues… so i believe the answer to this question is really BOTH. but ‘science’ is a bad word choice… NATURE would be more accurate. this is our weather acting the way God designed it to.

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      Why is science “a bad word choice”? –
      sci·ence? ?
      [sahy-uhns] Show IPA
      a branch of knowledge or study dealing with a body of facts or truths systematically arranged and showing the operation of general laws: the mathematical sciences.
      systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation.
      any of the branches of natural or physical science.

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