Christian Based Movie – Jumping The Broom (Extended Trailer)

Tracey Edmonds and Pastor TD Jakes have a new movie about CELIBACY and Marriage. Coming out this Mother’s Day with a cast that includes:
Angela Bassett
Paula Patton
Laz Alonso
Loretta Devine
Tasha Smith
Julie Bowen
Valarie Pettiford
Romeo Miller
DeRay Davis
Meagan Good
Mike Epps
I am expecting this to be quite good and entertaining.
Question: How many of you feel as though it is important to have a period of celibacy before marriage? Do you think it makes a difference if you wait from when you are engaged until your wedding night?
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  1. I feel this is not appropriate for a preacher to be producing. I think too many preachers and other Christians are trying to see how close to the edge they can go.
    There is enough material that is produced that encourages people to live right without producing this movie with more skin showing than is necessary. I definitely will not be going to see it. I think it is just a way to make money.

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      Great Comment agree

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        I totally disagree!! There are different parts to the body of Christ! Vocation is insignificant! Romans 12 v 1, 2. If Christians can take over the movie world that would be awesome. It was a movie that kept most of the actual experiences real but add the spin of GOD throughout. Thats really everybody’s experience in some shape or form. Movies now a days are so carnal. For you even say that says a lot about you. God should affect everything from movies, technology, church, school, counseling, music, hey even video games lol etc. Think about what your saying. Your attacking one pastor who wants to help make a difference in the movies we watch. Even if it was alot of them who cares it could change someones life. WOW!! If Jesus was here he would probably use the ways of media to get across to people. Its all about intentions and motives of the heart.

        1. Haven’t seen the movie yet. But you brought out some positive points!

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      Mrs. Jackson

      I agree that to much skin was shown for a preacher producer movie… I went to the movie and T.D Jakes knows his true reason why he made this movie. This movie will not teach anyone about the true reason to only have sex in a marriaage. I do not believe that God is please with this movie… I am ashame to know that T.D Jakes produced this movie. It is time that christians walk in higher standard. We will not show the world by being like the world and that is whats going on in todays christian world… The love of money is the root of all evil.. T.D Jakes must come clean………….

      1. I saw the movie, and I couldn’t believe how disrespectul it was , as chriistian, regarding marriage.. See, Paula P is seen almost nude and kissing another man that her real life husband before rev tdjakes. Movie yes, but this is still real life…

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