Question of The Day: Does The Color Of The Messenger Matter?

One of the things I have noticed since beginning this site is that people all over the world are preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  So today I was listening to TD Jakes and I was wondering, would his message have the same impact if Jakes were white or Asian or any other race?
More importantly, should it matter? I often read various blogs and Daily Inspirations and have read spirit filled words from people who are Filipino, White, Black and many other races and cultures. However I know that there are some people who feel as though they need or want their Pastor or Spiritual leader to look like them.  Is there any scriptural basis to found this feeling upon?  I know that for many African Americans there is a painful past of slavery and that the Bible and Christianity were two of the tools that the oppressors misused to hold them in captivity, so there is sometimes a certain amount of distrust.
So how about you? Does it matter to you the color of the Messenger of God’s word? Could you attend a church of someone who was of a different race?  Does only listening to preachers who look like you mean you think that only people who look like you will be brought up in the rapture? Why or Why not? Let me know what you are thinking.
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  1. I’m Filipino and to me color does not really matter. In the past, I usually like when the preacher is white since that is what I am accustomed to but now, I’ve met preachers of Grace who are from various parts of the world.
    When it comes to the message of Grace, the messenger does not really matter much, it’s the message.

    1. I Have to agree with you there. The color doesn’t matter at all as long as it is the correct message of God’s word.

  2. i am so sorry to hear that that is the case. if it’s any consolation, it’s not much different in the ‘white’ churches. but the point is that God doesn’t see humanity in shades of black and white; when He looks at us, He either sees Christ, or He doesn’t. and He loves us all regardless. how can *I* do any less?

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    I’m Black and the gospel was shared with me through a white person from a white church I visited. From my perspective, as I look back on the differences between black and white churches, the majority of black churches glorified the pastor and the preaching more than bringing a person to know Jesus Christ through his free gift of salvation.
    I know some Black churches are more concerned with a person’s salvation now, but there still is a large majority that use the church as a social club. Salvation is either not shared because of ignorance or indifference.

    1. Theresa Avatar

      I totally agree with you. I am caucasion and was a member of a black church for several years. The leadership was constantly being upheld and honored as “royalty” and visiting clergy were treated the same way. It became the cause for me having to leave that church.

  4. dang! what a powerful question! i especially like the LAST question the article asks… one of the things i’ve noticed over the years is that the more i learn to love the way Christ does, the less a person’s appearance matters. there is ONE God, there is ONE Christ. there is ONE Holy Spirit who lives in all believers. and there is only ONE race: the HUMAN race.

    1. I agree! The interesting thing is the impact social media like Facebook,Online Fellowship and other sites are having on the spreading of God’s words. So many people can be reached and touch by words without the image of the person coming into play. It’s a blessing in itself.
      Be Blessed

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