2011 Book List – PrayFit By Jimmy Pena (Lose Weight Gain Faith In 28 Days)

If you watched The Talk today, then you heard Tyler Perry talk about the amount of weight he has lost (20 pounds) and the book that is helping him to achieve both a weight and spiritual goal. He spoke of PrayFit by Jimmy Pena, you can get your copy here. Both he and Mario Lopez have spoken highly of the book read their reviews below. Have any of you read this or any of his other books? If so leave a note letting us know what you thought.

“Jimmy Pena, wrote a great book called “PrayFit”. This is a good read to get you motivated and started. If you want to take your life back, this book can help you. God bless!”- Tyler Perry
“Not only is Jimmy Pena one of my best friends, but whenever I want to get dialed-in for a role or photo shoot, he’s my only call. And I love starting my day at his site, building spiritual and physical muscle. A one-of-a-kind concept from the best in the business.” –Mario Lopez

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