Pastor Jamal Bryant Opens Doors At Empowerment Temple 2 This Easter

Note: The first Empowerment Temple service was held on Easter Sunday, April 22, 2000, in a Baltimore City banquet hall with a congregation of 43.
If anyone goes to this service please come back and leave a comment.
Be Blessed


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  1. janice ann farrow Avatar
    janice ann farrow

    thanks pastor jamal bryant, happy new year if true that lord jesus has restored your family . thanks for just being the best of you for all of us get wiser jesus way. thanks janice ann.please do not forget mr chris brown – determined to do well but many around him they helped him think wrong and do something bad . please remind in only your special calling way we all have right to be restored to christ and by christ jesus. please dont forget him in birthplace of virginia nor his parents. thanks to jesus for restoring your wife and i need to see those little girls on tv soon. thanks janice ann

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