Video: Gospel Dreamgirls – Jessica Reedy, Kelly Price, Y'anna Crawley, Chante' Moore, Leandria Johnson – Because Of Who You Are – 2011 BET Celebration Of Gospel

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  1. Andrea Gilmore

    Hello! I would like to say, I enjoy watching Celebration of Gospel, but I became unhappy when it was time for Leandria Johnson, Jessica Reedy, and Y’anna Crawley, SUNDAYS BEST performers to sing. REASONS: 1 Kelly Price and Chaunte Moore should not have been on stage with Sundays Best ladies at all. 2 Sundays Best ladies could have did the song all on their own, so they could have a time to shine, Leandria Johnson did not have her moment, and she alone could have opened the show with “He was there all the time”. Last BET need to give other singers gospel singers a time to shine.HINT: Pastor Tim Roger and the Fellas!

    1. Anonymous

      I think Jessica and Y’Anna were a little star struck. They did not sing as well as they did on Sunday’s Best. LeAndria on the other hand along with Chante and Kelly had chills running thru my body. Oh my God. LeAndria will be a star.

    2. Anonymous

      I agree with you 100%. LeAndria we need to hear more of you because listing to you puts something on your mind even if there where nothing on your mind when you finish listing to her something will be there. I promise you will be sayin wait a second let me back this thing up and when i say thing i don’t mean “BUTT’ i mean you will be saying let me back my life up and try this again. LeAndria you are just that powerful and i love you

    3. Quanetta

      I agree, but that is ok. Le’Andria knows what she has and Who gave it to her. She doesn’t have to show boat. I like that about her. God has anointed her, she is in a class alone. God has put her there for His purpose alone. Keep her in your prayers at all times. The enemy is doing everything to destroy her faith, her flesh, her testimony, her trust in God. He wants her so bad, but “the prayers of the righteous availeth much.” I love you Leandria. I thank God for allowing our Spiritual paths to cross.

  2. All these ladies make tears come to my eyes,and i know that’s nothing but the anointing of the Holy Ghost.. Ive been a follower of Kelly Price since before she begin singing gospel,and was very happy to see her singing for the lord..but that Leandria girl you better go. When you first auditioned i knew she would win..There is a anointing so strong on her life..These girls blew and i just cried. Thank you lord for such talent. It inspires me to move foward with what he’s given me.

  3. Augustine Greene

    Leandria!!!! STAY humble, that is imperative. You are going places. God has so much in store for you, you’re not going to believe it. I love your spirit and your voice. You were the best, trust me. Yet everyone was trying to still the show and you STILL outshined them. Put God first always and he will do the rest. God bless you!

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