Saturday, September 23

Celebration of Gospel 2011 – Mary Mary – Something Big (Video)


  • Last night was the first time I had heard this new Mary Mary song and I love it! First thing this morning I was up trying to find it online so I could listen to it again. Thankfully I came across this website and you have it posted. thanks!

    • Tawanda

      Hey! I agree I seem they perform this song on the Celebration Of Gospel and I LOVE IT!!!! One more thing I like your screen name I wish I had thought of that for mine. One Love.

  • Nikkia Woodson

    I have t agree I heard the song and it touched me because it is sooo what I am going thur. Coming back to the Lord and when you give yourself to him completely things change. Something Big done happened to me and I gotta tell the world about it… Thank you

  • This was exactly what I needed. I was bouncing and clapping at my desjk at work my co-workers stopping and looking at me I was truly praising God for his mighty words. He is the Greatest Man in History and I gotta tell the world about. When you hear this song for the first time it will move you – I promise.

  • Stephanie

    I agree with the other post. I have been looking for this song for about 30min. I feel so blessed that I found it. I will be using this during an ice breaker at our Women and Girls lock in to kick off our Women’s Day activities for 2011……”Mission Possible” Matthew 28:18-20………….God bless you Mary Mary!!!!

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