Pastor Mark Driscoll – Churches Helping Churches Haiti Anniversary Rally (Video From Haiti)


Pastor Mark Driscoll visits Haiti a year after the natural disaster that struck the already poverty stricken area. For all the AID thaat was sent and concerts held, it wa disheartening to see the amount of wreckage still left behind. While it is a true testament to the Spirit that God can instill in us by watching the people praise and worship and smile. It was still sad to see their government building still in ruins.
Pastor Driscoll said to CNN: “It’s awful to see the lack of progress and awesome to see the spirit of the people there,” he said. He then went on to say, “I think organizationally we were at a point [when the Haiti earthquake happened] where we could be more efficient. As a church grows and has more resources, it has more responsibility. ‘To whom much is given much is expected,’ ” Driscoll said quoting Jesus.
Well what we can not deny is that there is still work to be done so let us not forget to support Haiti when we can and let us remember our prayers are free, we can all do that.
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  1. Sierra Lobby Avatar
    Sierra Lobby

    Dear Siblings in Christ,
    I am writing this letter to inform you of an opportunity I have to join a team of youth and adults from Friendship Church to go on a mission trip to Haiti in March. I feel called to Haiti because there is so much need and they are such loving people who care so much about each other and can still put a smile on their face even though they may not know when they are going to get their next meal. We will be joined by our host family, Butch &Karen Louisiana. The Louisiana’s live in Pignon, Haiti, six months of the year and have been ministering in Haiti for the past 20 years.
    The purpose of this trip is to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We plan on putting on a medical clinics,childrens programs, a youth confrence, a painting project, showing the Jesus film, giving our testimonies, helping in two church services, and hut to hut evangelism. Our hope and prayer is that their hearts would be open to hear and receive the good news of Jesus Christ. He is truely their only hope not only here on this earth but for eternity.
    Our team plans on leaving March 18th and returning March 28th. I am wondering if you would be willing to partnership in prayer for me as I prepare for this trip. The trip could not happen unless I have the the prayer support from people like you. I will be attending many meetings, memorizing scripture and Creole language, reading a book , working with a special team (children’s, music, drama or teaching) and most important, I need to keep my relationship with Jesus at first priority as it is only through Him that I can do these things.
    Secondly, I also need to raise $2100.00. The raised monies will assist our team ( as well as my needs specifically) covering; travel to and from Pignon, travel in country, housing & meals, and projects (youth conference, medical clinic, painting, etc). I plan on working and contributing as much as I can of my own money but will need help to pay the difference. Would you consider contributing in this way?
    If you feel God is leading you to be a part of this ministry through either prayer and/or financial support, please use the enclosed response slip and envelope. If you are helping financially, please make checks out to “Freindship Church”. Do not put anything in the “memo” part of the check for tax deductible reasons.
    Thanks for your consideration of my request. If you agree to pray for me, I will send you prayer requests and updates as they arise. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
    It is my first trip to Haiti and I am so excited, I want to go into full time ministory after I graduate.
    Love in Christ,
    Sierra Lobby
    Sierra Lobby
    PO box 714
    Shakopee MN 55379

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