Thought For The Day- Don’t Wait To Be Asked, Just Give

Over the last couple of weeks with all the talk of Unemployment Insurance being cut and tax breaks giving has repeatedly been on my mind and heart.

The economy is bad and all of you know someone who is being affected by it. It is virtually impossible for you not to. However so many of us sit in the pews every Sunday or say hello to our unemployed or struggling neighbor everyday and ignore the need that they have. Even with family members that we know without a shadow of a doubt are having a hard time, we act as if it is ok to ignore their need. Well plain and simple its not.

Well most of you will justify it by saying , “well he never asked me for anything so how was I supposed to know. Or she acts like she is to good to ask.”  However God isn’t going to judge your heart of giving solely on who you responded to that asked you. He is going to say, “How many of my children did you have the chance to help but did not?” When you are asked this question, how do you want to answer? “Uh Lord, I helped some of the people who asked, but only if they weren’t asking for too much. But you know my heart and if more would have asked I would have given more.”

I am not trying to guilt anyone into giving what they truly do not have to give. I am merely asking you, would it break your bank to hand that unemployed worker a card with a few dollars in it? Would it be so hard to pick up a few toys for the family who is struggling this year?   Many don’t ask because “no” is hard to hear when you are at dire straits. Who wants to be a burden to those who will give with clenched fists then talk about having to give? Some feel that there are many who are worst off than them so they feel as thought they would be taking from them if they asked. Be understanding, when you feel like everything is going down hill the smallest act of kindness can give you the desire or motivation or more importantly the FAITH to continue on.

If you take the word Christmas and take it apart you are left with Christ Mas. In Spanish the word Mas means More. So this Christmas let us celebrate Christ More. Instead of receiving or only giving to your own, expand your territory, give to others. Not expecting praise or gratitude from them but with the understanding that if you “Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” Luke 6:38

So over the next few weeks look around, I am sure you won’t have to look far. Perhaps down the pew, the street or even your cell phone contact list and help ease someone’s burden. Don’t wait to be asked, just give.

Be Blessed,



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