Helen Baylor – Testimony “Praying Grandmother”

Every time I hear this on the radio I wait patiently for the DJ to tell me who is talking.  However they never do, so I did a little research because I know there is someone out there that can and will relate to this story. Just as sure as I am that there are others out there that need to hear it.  I pray this is a blessing.

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Helen's Testimony (Spoken Word)


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  1. I wish I had a praying grand mother.i don’t have them alive anymore but I am praying for myself. May be if thee were alive and praying I wouldn’t go thru sooo much. I need one grandmother to adopt me.

  2. WOW! I met Helen Baylor in L.A. County years ago and she gave me one of her music tapes and the other night I was thinking about her (it’s usually to pray for people) and right then and there she was on KCET singing with a group of wonderful artists and then I would see her Twitter Comment on someone’s site. Awesome music and praying for her; continue to give your testimony and the Gospel message to everyone! Numbers 6:24-26!
    “More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of” and I add fast and pray your guts out! Prayer does change things! You gotta love those Battle Axe Warrior Handmaidens and Men that pray!

  3. Timothy Avatar

    Thanks so much for providing this video. I first heard it several years ago, on xm radios gospel station. While listening , her voice would arouse Gods spirit in my heArt, flooding my being; tingling sensation all over me. This version is more complete and renews the hope of being free of my struggle with chemical dependency. Please pray for me. Is there someway I can let Helen know how she is helping so much? God please give her strength to continue your work…

    From Tim, Oceano, CA

  4. Jayla Michelle Avatar
    Jayla Michelle

    I thank God for a “PRAYING GRANDMOTHER” who never turned her back on me. As I listen to this song I am reminded of how often I need to celebrate and eteem her presence. I thank God for blessing me with a virtuos woman filled with sage knowledge. Her wisdoms were biblical rivers from which she drank each time she caressed the pages of her bible with a sincere desire to draw close to Him as she ingested His Word. She shared Him freely with those she loved: those she knew; and even those she did not know. She prayed for the masses and she prayed for me when I couldn’t and wouldn’t pray for myself. I thank God for a “Praying Grandmother”, one who prayed without ceasing and who knew the power of prayer. Than you Helen Baylor for sharing your testimony and your grandmother with the world. They are all to be mirrored and celebrated for having the strength to bind their family together through prayer. God Bless.

  5. Gwendolyn Booker Avatar
    Gwendolyn Booker

    The song a praying grandmother has blessed me so many times. I have search everywhere to try and get the recording but I cannot find it to buy I do know that the recording that I first heard it on is called Helen Baylor “The Live Experience. I would like to be able to purchase this if you know of where I can find it someone please let me know.

    1. Good Morning Sister,
      I have added the music that you were looking for above. You can click on the photo and it will take you to where you can purchase this and lots more music. I pray this helps.

      Be Blessed,

      1.  Avatar

        You have been a blessing to my very Soul again I thank you for sending me to that site.

  6. D prayin grandmother has touched so many lives.we ar blessed by ur songs

  7. Tell me God ani’t good!

  8. nice, very good song.

  9.  Avatar

    OMG! This testimony and song made my soul shutter…Amazingly BEAUTIFUL.

  10. This is such a beautiful song and testimony!

  11. I just love this church!!!! There is nothing like a praying grandmother!!!!!

    1. You are so correct. Its like Grandmothers have a connection to you and God like no other.

      Thanks for commenting! Come back again!
      Be Blessed

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