Dr. Jamal Bryant – Why Aren’t Black Men Getting Married (Video)


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  1. Laura Gates Avatar
    Laura Gates

    ‘Why Black men are not getting married”, just my opinion should have come from the men. I was in a service where a Woman Pastor had a testamony from her conversation with her daughter. Her daughter was a young saved single lady, by the Pastor being mom and pastor at the same time. Her question was mom how can I live saved and single and wait for my husband? The Pastor and Mom said wait baby I have been married for quite sometime now and I don’t know what you are going through in these days and times, times have changed, but being a wise Pastor she responded to her daughter with this. I will get you someone I can trust and know that God is with them in their singleness to answer your questions…I said all this to say this Why are not Black men on this panel telling us why they are not getting married. This is odd to me, would men have a panel of men asking why are there seven women to one man? I am not getting this at all…It seems to me to be the same thing over and over again and women are not getting the right answers from the right sources…Ok we single saved women want brave saved intelligent single men answer this question we have always heard from women on this subject and frankly these woman can only give what they know as a woman not as the man. We have been hearing from women on this topic for years, I was disappointed to see this again. I am so sorry but I was, God Bless.

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