Dr. Jamal Bryant – Why Aren’t Black Men Getting Married 2 (Video)

How to Love a Black Man: The Series: 'Vitamin C', 'Ride With Me', 'Take One for the Team' and 'Conversation with Zane!'
Dr. Jamal Bryant takes a step into a controversial and exploratory zone of relationships and sexuality in this hard-hitting three-part series featuring “Vitamin C”, “Ride With Me”, “Take One For The Team”, and Conversation with Zane!”. The latter is a special encounter with the world-renowned author and publisher Zane in a exclusive conversation on black sexuality.

Most women, generally, don’t have much trouble attracting men. A woman doesn’t need to work harder to please a man, because every woman has what it takes to get the love of any man, and there is nothing else better than a black man and black woman in love. The problem lies in how to love him, keep him, and understand him.


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