Bishop Eddie Long Accuser Jamal Parris Speaks Out (Video)



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  1. Luke Easter Avatar
    Luke Easter

    Should The Pulpit Be Held To Higher Standards Than Elected Office?

    Not all with a license knows how to drive,
    Nor is every pilot in the cabin able to fly,
    Surely not every doctor is able to mend,
    And will all lawyers successfully defend?

    Do not let pleasantries before your eyes,
    Allow your feelings to erroneously decide,
    Listen before it is too late to run and hide,
    Be sure the pulpit is spiritually circumcised.

    The devil is definitely working overtime,
    Believe me this guy never takes a break,
    Remember the song about Santa Clause?
    I surely do, “So be good for goodness sake.”

    A few years back, Ted Haggard’s fall from grace,
    Beautiful mega-church, lot more than just a shock,
    How could such a popular & gifted church leader?
    Forget and leave his spiritual heart unlocked.

    Curiosity opened the door; sin crawled in his head,
    Although by the Blood of Jesus to sin we are dead,
    Lucifer launches attacks on the greatest to the least,
    Be on guard always for temptations from the beast.

    With a faithful 14,000 member congregation,
    Why did he succumb to Satan’s confrontation?
    This preacher should’ve know at the very least,
    You simply cannot mix holy water with grease.

    I am not trying to judge or diminish Ted’s name,
    This only goes to show that we are all fair game,
    Hunting season is open; Satan uses all his tools,
    The devil has no regulations & there are no rules.

    President of a religious sect 30 million strong,
    Now resigned after he admitting doing wrong,
    It certainly didn’t take the wolves very long,
    One dance with the devil, now is it all gone?

    One third of the angels that lived in heaven,
    Now call the pit of a burning hell their home,
    The reason Jesus was sent in the first place?
    The evil one will never leave you alone.

    Yet neither will God ever leave or forsake,
    However, the choice is still ours to make,
    With His blood Jesus already paid the cost,
    Was buying meth worth all that is now lost?

    Neither will I criticize about an alleged affair,
    Since I nor the sharks in the media were there,
    Letting one who is without sin cast the first stone,
    Means Ted Haggard will be judged by God alone.

    Sunday 11/05/06 I read that Ted Haggard did confess,
    Now I am wondering what is going to happen next,
    Just when you think you’ve seen and heard it all before,
    Bam! Another unbelievable situation knocks at the door.

    Let this be a reminder to all who live and breathe,
    That anyone of us can be mislead and deceived,
    The butcher, the baker, the candle stick maker,
    On Judgment Day all will answer to the Creator.

    Just to get a new congregation of souls to be purified and saved,
    Haggard had to be tested in the furnace, there was no other way,
    It was that experience making him the one for this current flock,
    However, God can’t proceed if you’re staring back at the clock.

    Although it looks like the damage is irreparable it’s temporary harm,
    2010, Ted’s ministering to hundreds of sinners in his backyard barn,
    So, because he went through the storm and didn’t quit in the middle,
    God is restoring his ministry just like the bible says, “little by little.”

    September 2010, has the evil-one struck another pastor on the face?
    Bishop Eddie Long in Atlanta apparently has sweetness in his taste,
    Not one, or two, nay three but four have come forward to filed a suit,
    Did he pay tuition, free housing, an endless supply of spending loot?

    Cell phone pix have surfaced although clothed Bishop seems to pose,
    Unlike Haggard shall this be one of those cases where God only knows?
    Not hardly because many in the congregation of his church were aware,
    Senior Eddie likes not to partake in panties but loves men’s underwear.

    Well, supposedly not what’s inverted but hanging loose on the outside,
    One thing or should that be four things, this many is impossible to hide,
    In fairness it is Saturday 09/25 tomorrow will be his first time in church,
    Since the allegations surfaced so let’s give him the benefit of doubt first.

    Pastor Eddie, please rebuke the sinners and kindly show them the door,
    Hey, do not be like Tiger with another dozen or so tirades, maybe more,
    He claims his problem was that he stopped chanting to Buddha, sure ok,
    But you Mr. Long preach, teach the gospel and in Jesus’ name you pray.

    Yeah, for sure a roaring lion will easily find and laughingly devour a lamb,
    But, from 300 members to a congregation of 25,000 you were, “Da-Man! ”
    On Sunday I took pleasure in, “Taking Authority” your sermon on the Word,
    Sexual misconduct was the farthest thing, still can’t believe what I’ve heard.

    Don’t forget for Bishop this is apparently and it is yet a proven fact,
    Goes to show the higher the echelon more scrutinized are your acts,
    09/26 Eddie said he feels like David but he too has 5 smooth stones,
    By the congregation’s shouts Pastor Long isn’t facing Goliath alone.

    Randy & Paula White divorced no scandal but what about Zachary Tims,
    Holy! Not with a man just a stripper in Paris, France his infidelity begins,
    Pastors and Ministers wherever the church or whatever the case may be,
    Much higher standard when speaking from the pulpit is required of thee.

    The Atheists are smiling, wagging their finger, you’re proving their point,
    Hold up in a Paris hotel room, a stripper, red wine, cocaine and a joint,
    Back on the spiritual podium, center of attention, joint custody of kids,
    It’s acceptable that you effectively spread the word after what you did?

    Ah, Paula pretty Paula, oh yes my dear selling cosmetics looking fine,
    While you are singing the praises of vitamin-D, just purchase online?
    Flying all over the world not commercially but on your own private jet,
    Sow a seed, the first fruit offering, that’s right honey, all you can get.

    Nothing wrong with spreading the gospel when you’re above reproach,
    However, incidents and those like them make religion out to be a hoax,
    I do not attend church much as I use to because I would hate to be rude,
    At home when a preacher tells a lie I just change the channel on the tube.

    The Oval Office is where our President’s have misused the power and lied,
    Isn’t there a difference between elected officials compared to the sanctified?
    In the sanctuary it is not about votes then demanding a recount to be sure,
    Although no human is perfect from the pulpit you’d better be next to pure.

    by Luke Easter

  2. Yet we still don’t have all the facts, in I seen numerous claims from working in the feild of law, I’m not saying who’s lying or not, but I seen people do and say all sorts of things for a pay off, they can be very confincing, but in the court its all about. Evidence, n they don’t have a case..

  3. Disappointed Avatar

    WOW! How sad….. Pray for God to reveal the truth and beginning the healing for all those this has damage….

  4. The bible teaches us to WATCH and PRAY. The scales are beginning to fall off of my eyes!!!

  5. As much as I want to believe these young men are lying. He sounds very convincing.

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